Free Ride Council » Meetings agendas and Notes » 2015 dec. Agenda

Location: R.R. Donnelley, 218 N. Braddock Ave, Pittsburgh PA 15208
Time: 10:00am
Date: sun 20 dec ’15

Open Meeting

Assemble the group

Assignment of roles

  • Facilitator
  • Note-taker
  • Stack-taker


Would any of you prefer to remain off the record? Would intros be helpful?

  • Council members and dates of effective membership (refer to requirements):
  • Free Ride Bicycle Project Members:
  • Other Attendees:

Note: List partial attendees and time entered/left if possible/known


Anyone new? If so, explain how our general meetings and consensus process function

  • Agenda (wiki beforehand, review at start of meeting), Facilitation, Stack, Note-taking
  • Hand signals – raise hand, thumbs, twinkle, point of process triangle, direct response
  • Everyone in attendance is welcome to voice input.
  • Based on twinkles, thumbs, head nods and conversation, we will sense when we are nearing consensus and form a proposal on which to vote.
  • Collective Council members vote on proposals.


Will council members please raise hands now. If quorum is present, open meeting.

  • Note Time:

Review Agenda

  • Anyone need to add anything?
  • Any of these items resolved, can be removed?
  • Set time limits and proposed meeting end time (can consider removing agenda items if necessary)
  • Is it necessary to get a partial report-back from a committee as part of a meeting-specific agenda item?
  • Is it necessary to set meeting dates and times before diving in?

Meeting-Specific Agenda Items

Topics and Proposals

  1. Electrical work in shop
  2. Finances
  3. Outdoor bike rack
  4. Website
  5. Make shop computers more accessible
  6. Signage in shop
  7. Charities
  8. Heating & welding
  9. Youth
  10. Bike lab (?)

Review recent volunteering

Review staffing calendar & assign bottom-liner

Standing Agenda Items

Set Meeting dates/times for three months out

Next meetings are:

  • Next month’s meeting set last time
  • Month after’s meeting set last time
  • Need to set meeting date and time for month after above.

Guests’ proposals

Requests for keys

Is person a council member and/or significant to staffing shop? Is person present? Is person vouched for? Vote. Assign action point to copy and arrange receipt of key.

Committee Reportbacks

(Can skip those not current/relevant)

  • Finance
  • Wimmin, Trans, Queer and Femme
  • Shop
  • Programming
  • Communications

Reportbacks of respect issues

Review Action Points (add to throughout meeting)

  • Designate someone to briefly summarize our doings in newsletter to volunteers, blog, maybe other newsletter subscribers
  • Designate specific person to obtain/deliver copy of key if needed
  • Add future meeting dates/times/places, 3mo. ahead if possible
  • Get notes posted
  • Consider making a crabgrass task list

Close meeting

  • Note time: