Bike Bike 2014 planning meeting

Meeting info

  • Saturday, August 9, 5:30pm at the shop

Who is going?

Committed people

  • Tom; Aryn, William, Colleen, Ned, Estelle, Chris


  • D’aubin, Radka, Scott G.


Anybody committed feel free to register now (the sooner the better) and we can pay as a group later. So, register now!


  • Looking into van rental
  • Passenger van, maybe do 1-way rentals?
  • Cargo van or trailer from U-haul to bring bikes?
  • We should call around & research options
    • Estelle offered to do research, but everybody can just find options and email the group


  • FR to cover the costs for transportation when carpooling
  • FR to cover registration costs for staffers & committed shadows
  • Have a tentative budget of $1,000

Loaner Bikes

  • We should plan on bringing loaners for other conference goers
  • Goal of 6 or 7 bikes (in addition to our own bikes)
  • We can spend a VRP time getting bikes ready to be used as loaners

Session Topics

  • Helmet policy (if they can be sold in the shop, what to do with used helmets…)
  • Technology like bike database
  • Personal conflicts & mediation
    h2. * Shop security and surveillance

Transportation Notes

Name Ride There Ride Back Confirmed
Estelle Yes Yes Not yet
Aryn Yes Yes Yes
Chris Yes Yes Yes
Ned Yes Yes Yes
Tom Yes Yes Yes
Will Yes Yes Yes
Colleen Yes Yes Yes
Jonathan Yes Yes Yes
Annie No Yes Maybe

For transportation:

  • I looked up using a car from zipcar from Thursday to Sunday. A dodge caravan (minivan) would be about $400. A honda civic (4-door car) would be $319. Those costs include gas and basic insurance.

Also, it looks like a 1-way van rental from U-haul will is priced $169 plus gas and extra fees if we need to get insurance.


It looks like we have a request for 1 more person to carpool with us both ways and 1 person to carpool with us on the way back only.