Free Ride's Policy on Dealing with For Profit Entities

agreed to in the general meeting on September 13, 2009

Free Ride! For-Profit Policy Statement


Thank you for your interest in Free Ride! You are receiving this message because you have expressed interest in receiving goods or services from Free Ride! as a for-profit endeavor. We’d like to refer you to the following, a list of FAQs pertaining to Free Ride’s policies on how we engage with for-profit groups. If your question is not answered here, or you have further questions, please contact Again, thank you for your support!

What is Free Ride?

Free Ride! is a cooperatively-run shop space and non-profit organization dedicated to enabling people of all ages to obtain, recycle and learn how to maintain bicycles. We aim to enhance the health of our community and environment by promoting bicycle transportation.

I’m interested in buying parts or bikes from Free Ride! Can I do that?

Free Ride! receives its used goods and bicycles through donations from the community, which are tax-deductible. Therefore, our bicycles and used parts are available for sale only to individuals who are a part of our non-profit program, or to other non-profit groups that we have formally agreed to work with.

Our scrap metal containers (two large pushcarts and one rolling brown trash bin, usually placed beside the entrance to the shop) often contain several bike frames and parts that are slated for the scrap metal dumpster. Any person, group or organization is free to take parts from these bins during our open shop hours, at no cost. Be aware that scrap bin items are potentially NOT SAFE FOR USE! Take at your own risk. Open shop hours are Thursday 6-10 and Saturday 1-5 PM. If you have any questions about the scrap bins, please ask a staffer.

I’m interested in using Free Ride resources for a profit. What can I do?

Sometimes, Free Ride! does receive more donations of bikes and parts than it can use at a given time. Usually, we will try to find an appropriate non-profit to partner with to accept our surplus. However, a for-profit group may be permitted to buy such parts from us on a case-by-case basis through submitting a written proposal.

Free Ride! accepts written proposals from for-profit groups that have special requests that may go above and beyond our formal policy. Written proposals may be submitted to Proposals should explain why your for-profit venture is consistent or complementary to our mission, and should contain a date by which you would like to hear back from us. Your proposal will be discussed at our next collective council meeting and a decision will be made as soon as possible. We will do everything we can do respond to your request by the the date you need.

If your proposal is accepted, Free Ride! will negotiate a price to charge you for the desired parts. Parts will be sold only if they are excessively surplus and if their sale does not conflict with our own programming.

Note that Free Ride does have paying positions from time to time. These are open to those who must meet the positions’ requirements, and are approved by council.

Haven’t for-profits used Free Ride! resources in the past?

Until the fall of 2009, Free Ride! lacked a formal policy for dealing with for-profit requests. This resulted in our members individually providing inconsistent information in response to such groups, causing confusion. Due to the volume of requests we typically receive from for-profits, we have since chosen to implement a formal policy.


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