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The aspiration in pursuing these ideas is to cultivate an environment where people’s willingness to help each other is not contingent on money, or any form of exchange, but – rather – on trust, compassion, and an ongoing evaluation of each other’s needs and circumstances. This is about making ourselves available to each other, and helping each other, to whatever extent possible within the confines of the current social environment.

It is hoped, eventually, to help bring about a practice where – regardless of where a person is travelling to, and regardless of how long they are staying – there is someone there to welcome, support, and look out for them. Not a practice where this is done for money, or any sort of “payment”, but in accordance with the conviction that helping and supporting each other is one of the most important aspects of being human.

This is done on a small scale already, but not anywhere near enough.


This project is not intended to be a stand-alone project. It is hoped, rather, that it will be part of a larger movement to what – for want of a better term – might be described as a “gift economy”. Thus, the potential importance and value of collaborating – formally or informally – with other projects is recognized.

This is hoped to evolve in a non-hierarchical fashion, and the project should be regarded as “belonging” to anyone who feels passionate about the values and aspirations it represents.

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