Hyperaction 1

Choreography for the first hyperactive summit ever!

date: May 7-9
location: London Action Resource Centre (LARC, 62 Fieldgate Street, Whitechapel, E1 1ES)

Friday: 7pm – meet + greet, finalising timetables
Saturday: 10am – open end – full working day!
Sunday: 11am – 3pm – wrap up, feedback, how do we go on…


Please email escapegoat@lists.aktivix.org if you are coming, to plan this we need to following info:

  • how many people
  • what do you eat? (meat/vegetarian/vegan)
  • do you need a place to sleep? Do let us know.

LARC is easy to reach with the tube, go to either Aldgate East or Whitechapel on District and Hammersmith and City lines.


As for food, the idea is to get food from the Indian place down the street, and avoid cooking time.



Friday Evening – Meet and Greet

Saturday Morning – Discussions

the sessions will run one after the other.

Working together

from being a very local project, with a lot of the development happening in physical meetings the project has evolved. London can no longer make decisions for all of hyperactive. So how do we organise things? Communication? Prioritising? Making decisions on new features?

Coding the future:

not necessarily based on hyperactive, what kind of website / tools would be useful for making the world a better place? everyone (maybe split into smaller stream along some geek level scheme?)

this will include but not be limited to:

Sustainable installations, sustainable project

What is our model for sharing skills and knowledge to make hyperactive installations durable? How does git facilitate horizontalilty and equality?


People are using mobile phones more and more, and while we have tumbles, they’re not really taking off. In order to not fall behind, we need to figure out how the interaction Indymedia – mobile can work more effectively. People do use their mobile phones to publish stuff on the internet, but we need to make it accessible.

Saturday Afternoon – Getting Shit Done

sessions will run in parallel with crossover

coding up heavy shit – geeks united

“share this” functionality

(see recent discussion, private archive needs authentication) – everyone


How can we make hyperactive easier and more pleasant to use? check out the new wireframes, can we take steps towards implementing those? There are a lot of features that are not easy to find and use, interaction design needs some work… – everyone

syndication on hyperactive:

in order to become more of a hub for social justice related news again, Indymedia needs to reprent all grassroots content that is published. Nowadays it is easy to set up a blog or website and a lot of content goes there, which previously would have gone to Indymedia. We need to find a place for this and include it in the coverage. Not only to be a one stop spot for radical news, but also to document the media production of a movement. Blogs and websites can disappear easily, replicating as much as we can, and making sure it won’t disappear in the nether regions of the internet is an important contribution to writing our on history.

introduction to becoming involved in hyperactive (non geeks)

What can I do to help with hyperactive if the only rubies I know are the ones in the Queen’s necklace? What non geeky stuff needs to be done? How can we educate each other? How else can I contribute?

creating better documentation:

explaining what hyperactive is all about and how to get involved in the project, documentation for developers, admins and users. – everyone For existing documents see:

  • for developers: hyperactive wiki
  • for admins: Intro to Admin Interface
  • for users: Imc Northern England and Imc London help pages, and the London publishing tutorial and started Glossary
  • while it there is space for documentation for developers on the project page, and admins use wikis and mostly crabgrass to do the same, all we have for user documentation are static pages, that do not have images or tables of content. Having a wiki or some easily editable place for a more organic creation of help pages for users would be great. Also it might be good to avoid duplication of work by having that for hyperactive rather than have each collective create their own. (Though there obviously are different features on different sites and there needs to be a place for specific things as well.)

Saturday Night – Get Drunk and Have A Great Time

Sunday Late Morning

Coding the Future – revisited

pick up the discussion from the previous day, see if there were any bright ideas during the drunken debates…


Next steps

what are the next steps in hyperactive devolpment? Prioritising tasks, concrete action plan…

Food and Social Time before people take off.


The above is only from the top of my head. I’m sure there is lots more that could happen. So please do add and edit!


i’d like to look at things like ‘towards web 3.0 – semantic indexing and searching of non text based media’ and revisit the octopus. Maybe a good session on accessibility for disabled persons as well?


would the web 3.0 thing fit in with the ‘coding the future’ discussion?


most likely. Would it be ok to do a session on the northern zine library in the context of whether to include it in the master branch if others want to go that way? Something like ‘beyond news – culture and other forms of movement media’ perhaps? On my phone so it’s not so easy for me to edit the wiki right now


I think it would be good to have some space discussing all features that aren’t currently in the master (icluding the zines) and see which ones people want to have. i guess that’s in a way part of the ‘working together’ discussion, or could be under features.