Agenda 29-07-10

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  • Laura wants to do interviews for a documentary about Indymedia – she emailed saying she’ll come on the 5th.
    (that doesn’t seem like it’s happening tonight, then? – gdm)
    (well, we might want to talk about whether people are generally interested. If noone is, she doesn’t need to bother. So how about giving an interview gdm?)
  • Proposal to adopt Bristol’s respect guideline:
    Respect: Bristol indymedia is intended to represent the world we are striving to create, rather than the world we live in. A cornerstone of this principle is respect for others, therefore articles or comments that are abusive rather than relying on force of argument are not acceptable.

    (i like that – gdm)
  • feedback from network meeting
    • create UK banner saying “United Kollektives” instead of “UK” and send to aggregator people
    • read and agree minutes
  • anarchist bookfair
    • discuss proposed space offered to us by london anarchist bookfair collective for video/audio interviews etc.
  • hyperactive
    • what’s next? prioritise some of the stuff we want to happen
    • facebook warning prominence
    • html templates for usability improvement
    • local syndication (of good sites + blogs) – in hyperactive or on the UK aggregator?
    • maps (broader context – need a server?)
  • invest in infrastructure:
    • new server proposal – money to go…. (yossarian will explain more)
    • standing set up for mobile imc – could ask northern england for advice
    • or maybe we should get some wrist keyboards for improved reporting from the streets
  • outreach
    • workshop day?
    • get more people to write features
    • ‘helpdesk’ for people who have problems with the site, help them to use it and figure out what the problems are and solve them
    • stickers and flyers
    • t-shirts
      (i need a new one – gdm)
  • upcoming events
    • This Friday: Ian Tomlinson protest
    • EDL Bradford
    • CC Scotland
    • NoBorders Brussels

(none of these are london… are there things happening locally we should be at? i’m sure there are…)


I am grateful for the information and the suggestions that you have provided. eggy car