Agenda and Minutes Overview

Agendas and Minutes of IMC London Meetings in reverse chronological order

No Agenda Minutes 6-07-2011
Agenda 04-05-11 Minutes 04-05-11
Agenda 20-04-11 Minutes 20-04-11
Agenda 06-04-11 Minutes 06-04-11
No Agenda Minutes 16-03-2011
Agenda 16-02-11 Minutes 16-02-11
Agenda 02-02-11 Minutes 02-02-11
Agenda 19-01-11
Agenda 01-12-10
Agenda 17-11-10 Minutes 17-11-10
Agenda 03-11-10 Minutes 03-11-10
Agenda 02-09-10 Minutes 02-09-10
Agenda 19-08-10 Minutes 19-08-10
Agenda 29-07-10 Minutes 29-07-10
Agenda 17-06-10 no minutes available
Agenda 03-06-10 Minutes 03-06-10
Agenda 20-05-10 we were talking about the party
Agenda 06-05-10 Minutes 06-05-10
Agenda 29-04-10 Minutes 29-04-10
Agenda 23-04-10 Minutes 23-04-10
Agenda 01-04-10 Minutes 01-04-10
Agenda 18-03-10 [Minutes
Agenda 04-03-10 Minutes 04-03-10
Agenda 18-02-10 Minutes 18-02-10
Agenda 04-02-10 Minutes 04-02-10
Agenda 21-01-10 Minutes 21-01-10
Agenda 19-11-09 no meeting
Agenda 20-10-09 Minutes 20-10-09
Agenda 01-09-09 Minutes 01-09-09
Agenda 14-07-09 Minutes 14-07-09
Agenda 30-06-09 Minutes 30-06-09
Agenda 16-06-09 Minutes 16-06-09
Agenda 03-06-09 Minutes 03-06-09
no agenda NUJ Meeting 02-06-09
Agenda 13-05-09 Minutes 13-05-09
Agenda 06-05-09 Minutes 06-05-09
Agenda 28-04-09 Minutes 29-04-09
Agenda 25-03-09 Minutes-25-03-09
no agenda Minutes-18-03-09
Agenda 10-03-09 Minutes 10-03-09
Agenda 12-02-09 Minutes 12-02-09
Agenda 03-02-09 Minutes 03-02-09
no agenda Minutes 29-01-09

What’s the date for the next meeting?

and to stop this whole mess with meetings, we should decide on a regular meeting.


I’ve removed the links to the non existing documents. I was trying to edit the agenda for the upcoming meeting and found it really hard to find it in the middle of the list. It’s kinda nice to have the currently relevant links at the top of the list, no? Hope this is ok with everyone.


ok if you add the next month’s agenda and minutes link – did it to save work in following months


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I removed the links to nonexistent documents from the agenda for the upcoming meeting. Placing currently relevant links at the top of the list makes it easier to access. Is this okay with everyone?


Absolutely, organizing the links by relevance makes perfect sense! It streamlines access to important documents and makes the agenda more user-friendly. Thanks for taking the initiative to improve efficiency for everyone!


I’ve taken out the links to the nonexistent documents. While editing the agenda for the upcoming meeting, I realized it’s challenging to locate items in the middle of a long list. Would it be alright to prioritize currently relevant links at the top? Thanks for understanding.