Minutes 20-10-09

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Minutes of the Meeting held at the RFH, Tuesday 20th of October 2009 at 8pm
Please note: next regular meetings: every 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month, 7:30pm, RFH.

1. Anarchist Bookfair

A – Indymedia’s Workshops
  • Arrival as early as possible (preferably before 11am as it starts really at 1pm)
  • Indymedia’s stall: place it next to a plug and 5 persons have to ensure a permanence from 11 until the end
  • DVDs will be on sell for 3£ each or 4 for 10£
  • Others’ stalls: 2-3 people at each stalls
  • Everyone is expected to talk to anyone helping everyone
B – Other’s Workshops
  • Indymedia’s workshop: from 11 to 12 am Maria will speak introducing people to new media and presenting Indymedia (any suggestion is welcome) encouraging people to speak/question and even to fill questionnaires (suggestions are welcome to prepare it) distributed by Indymedia’s volunteers
  • Indymedia’s questionnaire: copy the one on the website and update it with specific questions to define better what is good / bad ?
  • Indymedia’s presentation: as the history of Indymedia is outdated / need to be updated, we will present its new interface: more interactive wih social networks to keep real events in the time line
  • Indymedia’s website: add the article on “Indymedia on the talk” against Facebook
  • Whoever having an audio-recorder and a camera is more than welcome to bring it in to register the shows, talks => asking to the speakers if they would mind to be recorded (? :-)
  • Announce the talk on Radical Journalism that will take place in the same room after indymedia’s talk.

2. Others events:

  • Truman Gallery (91 Brick Lane, E1 6AL): Visual Voices exhibition from October 30th until November 5th from 10:30am til 5:30pm with about www.trumanbrewery.com/files/rooms/2764/... with about 18 people showing out and talking – this is a come out!
  • Sunday afternoon in the mid-November (?? exact date ? place ????) the role of police now, of the greater media artists and movements – is it done? how? , e.g.: NUG Freelance branch: coverging contests and criminalised by the police. They created a website “I am a photographer not a terrorist”. What do we share???? panel/stall? In what space to be? Shall Indymedia include an information about the issue?
  • Double space needed to show the history of Indymedia 1 and 2
  • November 2009 IMC birthday’s party is organised by Dissident Island Radio to celebrate also the birthday of one of their camrades =>
    o get confirmation (event, place, participation, price, shared not shared space / material, etc.),

3. Other business

  • who from Indymedia will work at the bar? doors?
  • another survey after the 10 years of the IMC, it will be relevant to get a consultation, review by each group, region (continent) in Spring – so far 80 persons replied to this survey aiming to be published online about politics and activism and answered individually and then in group: regional / national / continental meeting? or European / global meeting in London? – need to network with Bristol who have offered to host a European-wide meeting. It will be good to share the various experience and wide knowledge :-)
  • Agenda IMC: factory occupation after the G20 because a lot of people were fired, a video has been borrowed to a lady and “disappear” => try to get 300£ back
  • Check the bills of the stalls, speakers, e-promotion
    o pay Infousurpa makers 50 £ for printouts
    o appoint the accountancy more regularly with any Income / Outcome (money, material, etc.)
    o keep a written track of the budget

4. Some website related stuff

  • make Indymedia website more clear bearing in mind that less is more many times (even online)
    o bringing people to click on the links if they want to learn more
    o simplifying the event’s calendar (at a visual level)
    o pulling nicknames instead of real names of any author on the web pages – for that, the field “Name” will be changed to “Author”.

Next ‘extra’ meeting: Thursday 29th of October 2009 at 8pm, RFH to start working on November’s exhibition. *


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