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This committee has been set up to oversee and record for future IMCistas the day to day running of the site and any technical bits and bobs associated with that. The reason it has been set up as a separate committee is to shield those who don’t necessarily want to get involved in the more geeky side of the site so they can choose if they want to read bits on here or not, so as not to put them off.

Membership of this committee is open to anyone who wishes to get involved in the technical aspects of the site, such as those wanting to get involved in listwork or server administration. Anyone who has any questions, queries or concerns about anything technical should come along to one of the regular IMC Northern England meetings and we will be happy to help. Also, anyone interested in helping out with the techie stuff might find it useful to come along to one of the regular tech skillshares jointly run by some IMC Northern England geeks and others, held the first Sunday of every month, 10-4 at the Common Place, Leeds. Women and those from minority groups are particularly welcome to come along as we are actively against a gendered or racially imbalanced distribution of our work. We welcome anyone from beginners to uber-geeks.

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