How to connect through Tor Hidden Service

The hidden service has the address 'h7gf2ha3hefoj5ls.onion'.

You can connect to Indymedia IRC server through a Tor Hidden Service, instead of just using Tor to connect to the normal address (which is also possible, by the way).

The hidden service has the address akeyxc6hie26nlfylwiuyuf3a4tdwt4os7wiz3fsafijpvbgrkrzx2qd.onion.

If your tor software is too old and can’t connect to the previous address, you can use the following address: h7gf2ha3hefoj5ls.onion — however, if it is possible to upgrade your tor software to a more recent version we strongly recommend that you do this and use the first address mentioned above.

You should connect to it without SSL on port 6667. The SSL/TLS is already present in Tor, so it’s not necessary here.

Warning: SSL/TLS connections are currently allowed through the hidden service (only the “old” v2 onion service), however the service will present to you a certificate that is only valid for host name, thus not for the onion host name. Because of this we recommend not to use SSL/TLS with the hidden service since it’s impossible to trust the certificate in this situation.