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This is the working group responsible for operating the IRC network. You can find news and some user documentation here.

The network has a support channel. To get help from operators, you can join the #ircd channel

For help with IRC in general, see the site.

To access the network with a web browser, you can use or

You can also access the network through Tor onion (hidden) services with the hostnames akeyxc6hie26nlfylwiuyuf3a4tdwt4os7wiz3fsafijpvbgrkrzx2qd.onion (v3) or h7gf2ha3hefoj5ls.onion (v2), both on port 6667 without SSL.

Our user documentation is currently limited, and we are in the process of transfering the old documentation. Contributions welcome!

See also the upstream documentation of the IRC server and services.

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