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The first discussions about starting an IMC in rural Pennsylvania began around May 2007. For several weeks anywhere from 5-12 people, mostly local community activists and civilian journalists met bi-weekly in revolving locations throughout the city of Lancaster. Over the span of many months we have made some major connections throughout Lancaster Proper and the region, and have a strong connection with other IMCs such as the Philadelphia IMC.

Phase I:

New IMC Network Approval: Yes
Domain name: Yes
Fiscal Sponsorship from NSEF: Yes
Process/Documentation: Yes (temp site, nothing special)

Account: Yes, ready to accept tax-deductible donations

Phase II: Web Development

This is where we are now, and we are just beginning. If you are interested in assisting us in this IMC install join this group/dev-committee, and for the time-being, also our wikispace:

Follow this link below to learn more about the IMC-Alternatives Project:

Phase III: Internet Radio

This will be happening parallel to, and perhaps ahead of, the website install. A group of local radioheads are forming and will begin discussing format and programming at the next meeting.

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