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Do we have the source for this image? I know that the graphic is from wikimedia commons. What about the rest of it? What font is used?




I’d prefer to use a free font, if possible. Do we have the source for the layout/etc of the graphic, other than the monkey itself?


I really like the logo. Can we also find out who created it, though? I would like to credit them and try to contact them to tell them that we’re thinking of using it as our logo.


I also agree with Daniel that I would prefer to use a free font.


If you look at the wikimedia commons link you will see the source is from a site, with a collection of links to other sites that have collections of works in the public domain. Those collections are really large and although I tried searching in a few of them for monkey, I was getting so many results back that I was really overwhelmed.


The source of the SVG file itself reveals that it was made by someone named “clint” who was working on a chinese zodiac. It appears to be part of a series introduced into wikipedia's chinese astrology pages by Airridi. Perhaps it’d be worth contacting him?

I’ve added a question to his talk page to see if he responds.


hey i uploaded the psd if anyone wants to fuck with the fonts.


I’ve uploaded an SVG of the basic parts of the logo, so it can be manipulated with free tools. I’ve used Liberation Sans, but i’m open to other choices.

For whatever reason, the preview above looks super janky, but if you click on the image to view the svg on its own, it seems to display cleanly.


dkg – looks good. i would use sans-serif font and have no space between the words.


Hi daniel— I think that is a sans-serif font, no? And there’s no space between the words for me either. What version of Liberation Sans do you have installed? If you don’t have the font installed, you should be able to download it from the font project's repository, or if you’re running debian lenny, just:

aptitude install ttf-liberation

Just uploaded a new version with the document boundaries set to duplicate the earlier versions of the image. Should be easier to use this to generate the web site headers. Doesn’t look like crabgrass’s thumbnailer respects the SVG canvas boundaries either, though.


Uploaded new version to test resolution of bug 92