The Library

Keeping track of books away from Nattsvart.

Bringing a book home

  • If borrowing a book, make a comment here, naming the book.
  • If wanting to read a book you know was in the library, but you can’t find, see who has it, and see if they are done with it.
  • For a full list of all books, movies and games in the library go here.
  • When returning a book, delete your post.

Filing a new book

  • Write “Nattsvart verkstad” in the book.
  • Add the book to the library list.
  • Put the book in the bookshelf.

Nori har lånat from democracy to freedom


A Poetics of Resistance 10/9-20 Charlie
Mänskliga gränsområden 10/9-20 alija


Anarcho SF


Social kontroll (via Johan)

Academic repression