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The Nattsvart Riseup page is open for anyone active in the collective of Nattsvart Verkstad in Stockholm.
Some pages linked here will be restricted and not visible to you if you are not part of the Nattsvart Collective or the respective workgroup.
Access can be granted by invitation when you meet us face-to-face.

Nattsvart Principles – check out the principles of the space and some decisions on how we organize.

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Welcome to nattsvarts riseup wiki!

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Raise issues to the organizing collective: If you or your workgroup have something that needs to be addressed by the core organizers (i.e: something that demands contact with the landlord, a conflict, if someone has received a contact that was intended for nattsvart as a collective, something has broken etc.) send us an email that will then be discussed in a closed meeting (by the current collective members), if deemed necessary (for example in the case of a conflict involving workgroups) concerned parties will be summoned to a meeting/or a general assembly will be held.

Become a support member

Set up a reoccurring monthly donation through this form (any amount that you believe will be a possible stable donation is needed):

or give occasional monetary support to Nattsvart Verkstad by
Swishing money for rent to: 123 473 00 99

A few important pages

Nattsvart public statement/mission/vision – how we communicate outwardly who we are
List of virtual places we inhabit – a list of sites we regularly use or work with

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