Recycling and Trash

This page details how we deal with deal with waste at the space

To ease with waste management at Nattsvart, we have put out labeled bins for recycling and trash in the following places:

Big room:


Please take extra care to only throw wet trash, i.e. things that could mold, rot, and/or start to smell, in the kitchen general trash. This way, we can be sure the space will stay fresh while only having to regularly empty one bin. This saves on work and doesn’t waste trash bags. Also, if you’re leaving the space last and this bin has trash in it, please empty it and replace the bag. You can (but maybe not should? No official endorsement; don’t put us in jail, state) throw it in one of the trash bins marked in red on the map below.

Also, when leaving pant, please rinse the cans/bottles before placing them in bin, and preferably stand them as upright as possible; it’s quite unpleasant for most people citation needed to deal with sticky, old beer and soda when discarding the trash.

Also also, remember that there’s a difference between paper and cardboard recycling. If you are unsure about it, ask someone.

Location of recycling and trash bins: