The Fight for Refugee and Migrant Rights in Canada: “No One Is Illegal” (December 2002)
Resisting Displacement, North and South: Indigenous and Immigrant Struggles (August 2003)
12 Principles for Regularization (2004)
Regularization and immigrants’ rights (2004)
Drawing Detention, Creating Connections: An Interview with the No One Is Illegal Arts in Detention Group (June 2005)
Solidarity not Pity: Rethinking Campaigns against Deportation (December 2005)
Fighting Borders: A Roundtable on Non-Status (Im)migrant Justice in Canada (January 2006)
Colonialism, Capitalism and the Making of the Apartheid System of Migration in Canada (March 2006)
Regularisation from the Ground Up: The Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Campaign (April 2007)
Historical Overview of NOII (July 2007)
Roundtable: Organizing for Migrant Justice and Self-Determination (October 2007)
No One Is Illegal - Toronto Backgrounder (July 2008)
No One Is Illegal - Toronto: 2008 in Review (December 2008)
Sanctuary City (November 2009)
NOII Graphics 2003-2009 (February 2010)
Resisting Deportation of Women Fleeing Violence (December 2010)
In Defense of Human Smuggling, For the Free Movement of People (December 2010)
None of us is free until all of us is free (December 2010)
Building Sanctuary City Roundtable (December 2010)


The Regularization of Non‐Status Immigrants in Canada 1960‐2004 (November 2004)
Access Not Fear: Non-Status Immigrants and City Services (Feb 2006)
Toronto Community Services Resource Guide for Non-Status Immigrants ENGLISH (April 2007)
City of Toronto: Access to Services for Toronto Residents (May 2007)
Police Services: Safe Access for All (May 2008)
The Right to Learn: Access to Public Education for Non-Status Immigrants (June 2008)
Access to Postsecondary Education For Undocumented Immigrants (Jan 2009)
POLICY WITHOUT PRACTICE: Barriers to Enrollment for Non-Status Immigrant Students in Toronto’s Catholic schools (July 2010)

Popular Education Materials

Education Not Deportation (March 2010)
People’s Commission Facilitator’s Manual on Immigration and Security Issues
People’s Commission Illustrated Booklet: Project Thread
People’s Commission Illustrated Booklet: Amparo Torres
Catalyst Centre Popular Education Workshop Manual on Immigrants & Precarious Work

Key Files

Sign-Up Sheet
Accessibility Checklist for Demos
NOII Logo Black and Red
NOII Logo Black and White
Button Template
Sticker Template
Reputable Immigration Lawyers in Toronto
Guide to Taking Meeting Minutes (Notes)
One Idea of Structure Flowchart (March 2009)
CBSA Enforcement Manual
Summary of Kenney's Plans (Oct 2011)