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Inviting people to join our gang


As you might be aware, on Mayday Notts Indymedia launched the Notts Indypendent:

The Indypendent is intended to be an offline community newspaper.

The first issue mixes reportage on community campaigns (against Tesco’s and council cuts) with analysis of the election, radical local history and information on local groups, organisations and websites.

We produced almost 1,000 copies. Some were distributed at the Mayday rally, but most were distributed door-to-door in Radford, as a counterpoint to party political propaganda.

Taking inspiration from many similar projects around the country (Hereford Heckler, Hackney Heckler, Fargate Speaker, Bath Bomb etc.) we saw this as a way to reach out beyond the activist ghetto and into working class communities. This may be particularly valuable as the post-election government tries to force through a series of unpopular measures to salvage British state capitalism.

We are keen to take this project forward, making it a regular newsletter. While the first issue was put together by the Notts Indymedia collective, we are keen to bring more of the local community onboard.

Please note that we aren’t only interested in writers, we are also keen to find people who know about graphics, layout, distribution and particularly (because we know so little about it!) fundraising.

As such we would like to take this opportunity to invite you to a planning meeting for the second edition of the Indypendent. This will be held on Monday 17th May at the Sumac Centre, Forest Fields, from 7.30pm.

In solidarity,
Notts IMC