20/6/11 minutes

20/6/11 minutes

UK Indymedia situation

  • Nothing much changed since last meeting
  • The Mayday collective have had access to international resources removed, but this has generated some bad feeling internationally, with some off the actions taken under sufferance.
  • Notts’ attempt to propose a “third way” was shot down in short order.
  • This is now largely out of our hands.


  • There were various meetings at BarnCamp.
  • This is developing, albeit slowly.
  • There is a summer gathering to plan this, but it is unlikely anyone from Notts will go.

Social networking

  • T had got the Notts Indy feed working
  • This was reorganised so that the Twitter feed is fed by indy.im. For users this should be no different, but it means things can be controlled from one place and is anonymised.
  • It was agreed that non-news stories simply promoting Twitter feeds should be hidden, but mentioning or linking to Twitter within a proper article is fine.


  • Our content is being syndicated on BeTheMedia. BTM contacted them about our decision to drop promotion.
  • The “promoted picture” is slowly including a wider selection of images.
  • There is a problem with spam – primarily on the Tumble. R to contact Escapegoat about the possibility of getting a human readbale captcha.
  • There was a discussion about events/articles and things appearing in the wrong place, but it was agreed to leave things as they are.


  • J30: No agreement yet on route of march(es). There will be a free space open during that week. Likely to be at least one feature beforehand.
  • July 9th: NHS day of action. Various activities planned.
  • Morton Hall: Roadshow meeting and likely a (bigger demo)