April Fools Day feature

If you don't laugh you'd cry

Title: Notts Indymedia announces new collaboration
Author: Notts IMC
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Notts Indymedia is pleased to announce a new era of collaboration with the Northcliffe Group, owners of the Evening Post.

The agreement will see content taken from the Indymedia newswire appearing in the Post, opening up the radical message of Indymedia to a larger audience than ever before. In return Indymedia will be able to use images collected by the Post’s team of roving cameramen.

Editor of the Post Malcolm Pheby said, “This is great. It will allow us to inform our readers about a part of the city we’ve historically covered poorly if at all”.

It is a controversial decision but the majority of the Notts Indymedia collective think that it is a move in the right direction. “Some people will accuse us of selling out,” said one collective member, “but the increased exposure we’ll get will be worth it.”


However, some members of the collective are said to be unhappy with the collaboration and a storm of muttering is hanging over the Sumac Centre. X, a founder member of the Notts collective, who wishes to remain anonymous, said “This is the nail in the coffin for Notts Indymedia. This will open the floodgates to the plagiarism of Indymedia by the Post that has been going on behind the scenes for years.”

The decision was forced through by a slim majority vote after what is being described as a “coup” by new collective member Jon Collins. Collins recently installed himself as Chair of Notts Indymedia after numbers at the collective meetings dwindled to a small handful.

Collins is said to be upset at the way he has been portrayed by the site and expressed his wish to “install a new regime at Notts Indymedia; one that will show all of the great things the City Council is doing for Nottingham rather than focussing on throwing muck around.”

According to X, “Jon Collins is a tin pot dictator and first class muppet. If only we’d had more user involvement this could have been avoided.”

“Don’t hate the media. Be the media!”

Title: Notts Indymedia welcomes new kollective member
Author: Notts IMC
Image: www.indymedia.org.uk/images/2008/06/400...

Notts Indymedia is pleased to announce the latest addition to kollective: Jon Collins, leader of the city council.

Currently Leader of Nottingham City Council, Jon has been a Councillor of St Anns since 1987. Jon chairs the Renewal Community Development Trust and One Nottingham. He has recently been appointed as acting chair of the Crime and Drugs Partnership. He also sits on various city council boards: Appointments and Conditions of Service Area Committee, City Centre Area Committee, Corporate Parenting Board, Executive Board (Chair), Executive Commissioning Sub Committee, Joint Committee for Appointments to the Police Authority and St Anns and Dales Area Committee (Area 6). He represents the city council on the Eastcroft District Heating Consumers Committee, at the Local Government Association (General Assembly) and in the Special Interest Group of Municipal Authorities (SIGOMA). He is a Board Member of the East Midlands Development Agency and a member of Nottinghamshire Police Authority. Until recently he was a Board Member on the City’s Primary Care Trust, the Learning and Skills Council and the Greater Nottingham Partnership Forum.

Jon commented, “This appointment is a great honour. I don’t really know what I’m doing, but that’s never stopped me before. I’ll have Harold Tinworth to hold my hand and I’m sure the kollective won’t be too hard on me.”


i’m not really sure anyone would buy that this would really happen – which may be ok but isn’t really the idea of an april fools piece right?

i prefer the idea of ‘Notts Indymedia to collaborate with Evening Post’ or something similar, starting off with something faintly plausible and getting more and more outrageous. people are talking about campaigning against right wing media so it might link in well with that.


Sounds good. This was more of a play on Collins’ ubiquity (that list of boards he’s on is entirely genuine).

I’ve started a new version along the lines you’ve suggested. Feel free to chip in.


mucked about a bit with the post version (even brought in JC!) what do you think – is it a bit too much of a sermon? could put in more jokes…


lol! Check out the front page of northern-indymedia.org on april the 1st for our effort ;-)


I also think that more 1v1 lol jokes can be included