Climate protesters occupy power station

No dash for gas

Title: Climate protesters occupy power station
Author: Nottingham Indymedia
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Early on Monday 29th October, sixteen people scaled the chimneys of West Burton gas-fired power station in Nottinghamshire, shutting it down and halting further construction. West Burton is one of the first of up to 20 new gas-fired power stations the Government has planned.

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The protesters claim that what they dub, the new “dash for gas”, will leave the country “dependent on a highly polluting and increasingly expensive fossil fuel for decades to come. It would make even our modest carbon reduction targets impossible to hit, and cause household energy bills to soar even further. While energy companies profit, our chances of a secure and sustainable future are slipping away.”

They argue that, "Replacing our outdated energy infrastructure with clean alternatives will generate hundreds of thousands of jobs. The technology is already powering thousands of homes across the UK, and enjoys overwhelming public support.

“This is an opportunity to wrest power from a cartel of energy companies, and back into the hands of communities. The dash for gas makes no sense for anyone except the big energy companies. We need a cleaner, more resilient and economically just energy system – and we’re here to fight for it. This is the new battleground for our energy future.”

Police are in attendance and while they claim political neutrality their vocal complaints about the cost of the operation (allegedly approaching £20,000) contrasts with their enthusiastic participation in the Jubilee “celebrations” earlier this year when assorted royals imposed themselves on the people of Nottingham. A number of arrests have been made.


No Dash For Gas