Emergency Operation

Notts Uncut at it again.

Title: Notts Uncut: Emergency Operation
Author: Nottingham Indymedia
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Location: nottingham
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On Saturday 28th May, Notts Uncut organised an “emergency operation” in Nottingham city centre. They visited banks and tax dodging corporations to campaign in defence of the NHS. The protest was part of a national day of action called by UK Uncut.

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Notts Uncut reject the government’s plans for the NHS, declaring, “We want to keep our healthy NHS and fix our broken banking system… Reckless gambling, obscene bonuses and a global financial crisis are symptoms of a disease that requires a drastic intervention.” To this end, they visited bailed-out banks and tax dodgers in the city centre, performing a piece of street theatre about the threat posed by Andrew Lansley’s proposed reforms to the NHS.

Around 40 people took part in the protest and despite a huge police presence were able to cause a fair amount of disruption, despite not actually getting into any of the targeted stores.

In a slight change from the usual tone on such protests, one group distributed several hundred leaflets stating, “We think there’s only one choice now. Eat the rich.” A message which was apparently well received by passers-by.


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