Minutes 15-04-13

Minutes of Nottingham Indymedia meeting, 14th April 2013

Tech stuff

Share button – we discussed possibility of having a share button on individual articles so people could link to article on Facebook/Twitter, etc more easily

  • Don’t want to be seen to be promoting use of insecure corporate platforms
  • London Indymedia started developing this with a warning you had to click through before sharing but never finished it

Encryption certificate

  • Our current one is out of date and brings up warning messages for people who are publishing – an obstacle to people publishing
  • We discussed the possibilities for buying a new one


  • Currently not many people publishing outside Nottingham
  • Would be good to encourage activity in particular towns e.g. Derby, Leicester, Mansfield
  • It was suggested that we use stickers/posters to spread the word in other places
  • Do we need a name change e.g. Midlands Indymedia?
  • We talked about the fact that we already have mini-sites for particular locations e.g. notts.indymedia.org/in/derby – with the help of a URL shortener could create pseudo-Indymedia sites e.g. bit.ly/DerbyIMC
  • Stickers – Veggies are getting print runs done every month with Active Distribution for cheap so we could get some designs printed – G to look into some ideas for artwork
  • It was suggested that we try to promote more non-activist cultural content – V has a few projects in the pipeline


  • Tech-minded people to investigate the possibilities and give a brief report at the next meeting

Help pages

  • Pat suggested that they need updating


  • People generally happy with the questions although a few alterations were suggested which btm will make on Crabgrass
  • Once the final wording is sorted B will start implementing it on his server and we aim to launch it before the next meeting so we have some initial results to look at

Content creation

  • G suggested we hold some training days at community events to promote the site and get more people to publish – we could also make the effort to hold stalls
  • We need to make flyers – basic ones with details of what the site is and more involved ones explaining how to publish

Next meeting

  • Mon 20th May, 7.30pm, Sumac Centre