Minutes 16/5/11

What was said

UK Indymedia situation

  • The current situation was discussed. We agreed that it was an unfortunate state of affairs. It is clear that various people (on both sides) are unable to work together. It had been hoped that the Bradford Agreement would give people space, but this has clearly not worked.
  • While we might have some political affinity with the more decentralised approach of BeTheMedia, we are keen not to get drawn into taking sides on what is primarily a personal (rather than political) disagreement.
  • While Notts has been cited on some statements from BeTheMedia, we have now requested this stop.
  • We reviewed compromise proposals from Mish and Ben. We believe both have potential, but agreed to support Mish’s, but changing it to suggest (as Ben does) that the Mayday collective be allowed to use mayday.indymedia.org, rather than .org.uk (as Mish suggests). We think this has some chance of generating support. This temporary arrangement to continue for 6 months while the new IMC issues are resolved.


  • This currently aggregates London, Nottingham, Notts, Northern, Scotland, Oxford, Bristol. There are plans in the future to aggregate non-Indymedia content.
  • There have been various changes on the site.
  • There are 2 lists one (aggromedia) for developments and another (bethemedia) for politicking. T was signed up to the former.

Mailing list proposal

  • Considered B’s proposal.
  • This was agreed.
  • We will email everyone on the current public list, inviting them to join features and get involved.
  • Features will be opened up and actually used for features
  • Moderation will continue as is
  • B noted that according to new IMC process we should be more open. We will try and open up agendas/minutes etc. in the future.


  • Considered B’s proposal
  • Agreed – reduces work and blue stars confusing
  • Will need to contact J to get mobile site changed to pull in all content (currently only promoted). Also contact him re: mobile url
  • O to email aggromedia with changes.


  • New version on way for London – do we want to follow them?
  • Some real improvements, but it would make support easier if we were on the “trunk”
  • It was agreed that while we have asked for specific changes in the past, it might be easier to get closer to main version.
  • O restated opposition to captchas (bad for blind, visually impaired, dyslexic, old and general users) – this is the one thing we won’t compromise on
  • Need to have a dialogue with Y and J


  • We can give out leaflets at Green Festival (Sunday 22nd May) – O will take some
  • T invited somebody to the meeting, but they didn’t come
  • Some success getting Notts Uncut to use the site
  • M will pick up some leaflets and give them out around Crocus Cafe


  • Success feature largely written – trying to get contribution from Afed
  • Is there a feature about the circus? People to keep ear out and ask around.
  • Lots of stuff around the NHS coming up – picket on Wednesday, stall on Saturday and Notts Uncut the week after
  • Greeen Festival – T may not be around.