Minutes 21/11/11

What was said

Some confusion over meeting venues, resulting from not having updated listing on the events wire. This is now resolved.

1) Technical
a) Static pages
Tash wants to put up a static page about photographers right, but can’t work out how to add pictures.
- Can link
- May be possible to embed with html
Added urgency to this following issue today
Tash to publish newswire article briefly mentioning issue today, adding the images to that. These can then be linked to from the static page.
Affected photographer’s email address to be forwarded to Notts address so that a solidarity email can be sent

Where are we with this?
Tash created a video using Lowkey song and slideshow of images. Put this on YouTube – received notice warning of takedown over copyright issues (had checked before doing)
BTM to write up problems, liaise with Tash and send to the Hyperactive list

2) Bethemedia
Can be found at bethemedia.co.uk and bethemedia.org.uk
Looking quite cool
There is some dispute about the IMCUK email address – agreed that Notts don’t want to get involved in this

3) Free space
Will be squatted in week around N30
Will run Indymedia ‘how to’ workshop Monday 28th from 6pm (food at 7.30pm!)
Bounce ideas around on Crabgrass
Begin with brief intro, how to, open for questions/specific problems.

4) Upcoming reports
a) Occupation
Day 38!
Another feature ready to go – la
Largely linkdump

b) Atos Two
Court 9.30am Friday
NDC group now set up on Indy
Will stick with articles in face of pressure (unless stupid)

c) N30
Picket line reports
March meet 10.30, leave at 11.30
Speeches in Albert Hall with overflow in Playhouse
Critical Mass out and about as well
BBC strike 2 days later. Meeting on evening of N30, currently no mention on newswire
Events at squat later

d) Squat/Free space
Venue announced Monday
Possible feature (play by ear)

e) Review of year
Shorter than last year!
Tash to start finding photos – crayon ladies are definitely in