Notes from June meeting

Drupal site

  • TT has set up a basic Indymedia site using Drupal which he showed us
  • As yet there is no support for video or audio content, calendar or aggregation
  • Video could be problematic as requires a lot of space/bandwidth to host – perhaps could publish on and link although they do log IPs
  • T requested a Flickr-style photo gallery
  • TT to continue to play with Drupal and see what can be done – also look for a mobile app for publishing

CMS-free site?

  • L dropped in and said that we could do a site that is just flat HTML with no CMS behind it which is a lot easier to host and mirror
  • L and TT to meet up and have a play


  • We agreed to try to promote more newswire articles to features as collective don’t have much time for feature writing
  • V has asked friend to do some “bite sized psychology” articles for mental health service users
  • Nottingham Pride is coming up in July
  • Opencast coal mine at Shortwood Farm – TT still waiting to hear back from them

Next meeting

  • Mon 16th July