Nottingham Indymedia is relaunching

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After a well attended meeting at the Sumac Centre on Monday, a revived Nottingham Indymedia collective have decided to relaunch the site. Publishing is now enabled again so please write articles, promote your events and continue to contribute to our community.

It will only stay open with your support so make sure you publish your news here, join the mailing list and support the collective however you feel able to. Our next meeting will take place on Mon 18th March, 7.30pm at the Sumac Centre and we welcome you to come along.

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As well as many who have contributed to the site in the past, the meeting also attracted those who had only just heard about the project. The consensus was that there is a need for the site and that people were willing to help work on producing content, doing outreach and helping with tech issues. Whilst we recognised the difficult and declining state of Indymedia, as well as grassroots activism in general, there was a feeling that there was sufficient energy to improve what we have and make it accessible and useful to wider communities.

In relaunching we want to state our intention to accurately reflect our communities and the myriad of political, social and cultural activities that take place within them. There have been shifts in the political context and that has changed the shape and feel of radical activism. The content of Indymedia should reflect this change. Gone are the days of daily or weekly spectacular actions; now the politics of everyday life take primacy through practical solidarity within communities. The changes in class composition and the attacks by the ruling class have had a drastic effect and our responses are changing. Some might say that this means we are on the back foot but others would say it shows how horizontal class-based grassroots organization is adaptable, sustainable and prepared for a long fight.

We welcome all those who feel that Indymedia is worth saving to join us at the next monthly meeting on 18th March, where we can introduce new people to how the site works and share skills and knowledge to help new people get involved.