Nottinghamshire Pride


Title: Nottinghamshire Pride 2011
Author: Nottingham Indymedia

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On Saturday July 30th, Nottingham’s LGBT community and others gathered for Nottinghamshire (no longer merely Nottingham) Pride. This year, the march preceding the main festivities went from Market Square to the Forest Rec.

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Prevented from marching down Mansfield Road by the ongoing gasworks, the march made its way through various back streets. Despite the bizarre route, the procession was well attended and colourful, with the usual mix of drag queens, young people and marching band supplemented by assorted local dignitaries.

Despite its obvious popularity, the event has clearly had the same problems with funding affecting so many of Nottingham’s cultural events (see also carnival, now reduced to one day, and Mela which has been assimilated into the Riverside Festival). This may go some way to explaining the prominence of corporate sponsors including EOn.


Nottinghamshire Pride


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