Riseup! Radio Returns

Author: Nottingham Indymedia + The Riseup! Radio Gang
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After three cold winters in the wilderness Riseup! Radio has returned from the deepest, darkest depths of Nottingham. With local music and radical political news the podcast you’ve all missed more than you care to admit is coming straight for you.

Latest podcast: #22 - Phoenix Park

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You should go immediately to the blog to listen about wastelands, workfare, Anonymous demos, neo-liberal policies in Greece and Shakedown.

If you wanna get involved or have a news story to tell drop us an email. In the upcoming months Riseup Radio is going to be speaking to those involved in the People’s Assembly, Nottingham Solidarity Network, the fight against racist police (ie; all of them), further analysis of Greece and further afield. We’ll also be looking to review some of the movements and activities that have been going on whilst we’ve been out of action. So, if you’ve been involved in some exciting projects and wanna tell us how it went down, then get in touch.

  1. – Phoenix Park
    March 12, 2013

Wow, that was quite a long commercial break!
We’re back with show packed full of exciting projects and great music. Here’s a rundown of the show times to give you an idea of what to expect. We’re really sorry about the sound quality on some of this – we’ve not really moved with the times and have some pretty out dated equipment! We’ll be sure to make more of an effort next month to make it a bit more pro!


00:02:15 Anonymous Demo in Market square
00:08:35 Calais training weekend
00:14:25 Music Geiom – 2 4 6
00:16:50 Shakedown chat
00:20:45 Music Jay Cob – Interlude
00:21:55 NG7 Foodbank
00:32:30 A4E Protest – Workfare discussion
00:41:30 Music DJ Rubbish – Coming up right
00:43:50 Autonomous Nottingham
00:47:55 Music Bison – Pressing the flesh
00:53:20 Wasteland twinning project
01:03:50 Voices from the borders
01:08.45 Music Origin One – Crisis
1:12:40 Anti-destitution project
1:15:20 Music Seas of Mirth – 1000% Overproof Rum
1:19:45 UK Uncut
1:23:10 Bedroom Tax
1:26:10 Studio discussion on community resistance
1:29:15 Neo-liberal policies in Greece
1:32:20 Music Spamchop Cuckup
1:36:30 Stop G8 campaign
1:39:20 Diary

It’s great to be back!

Peas x