OE Yurt Project

This is a document intended to provide an explanation of why the yurt project is important

Introducing the community yurt project

Occupy Eugene has discovered that many people at the protest site have incredible talents. There are artisans and craftsmen with skills of all kinds. The unfortunate reality is these folks simply have no opportunity to put their talents to use given the sad state of the economy. Therefore, the Occupy Eugene Yurt Project seeks to demonstrate the utility of a simple work program (run entirely on donations) through the community manufacture of personalized yurts. Those that intend to use the structures, which will be non-permanent and for the purpose of demonstration at the Washington/Jefferson Site, will perform the labor for their construction.

The power of people—all people

By engaging in this way, Occupy Eugene hopes to demonstrate the importance of creating meaningful employment—and building community in the process. Rather than “serving” the “homeless” and thus assuming that “homelessness” is an “inevitable” condition, we have seen how mere purpose or action has awakened so manny of the downtrodden of our city. With the exception of those that are severely mentally ill (actually a small minority, especially when prescription medications are made available), Occupy Eugene has discovered by direct connection and engagement that the current crisis should be traced to our economic system: there are simply far too many among is both willing and able to work creatively if only given the chance.

Local efforts are crucial but not sufficient

Given the bleak economic outlook, it is time that our community organize resistance against transnational corporate capital, which is ravaging small cities around the world. It will not be enough simply to run a small-scale community construction project such as this—however innovative this project appears. We must continue to protest in this form, but more importantly we must continue to take to the streets if we have any chance of creating the political will necessary to addressing growing economic inequality and marginalization. Please consider joining us in this struggle: your support is invaluable!


Does anyone own a property adjacent to a major traffic artery (along 7th or 6th) where OE can erect a structure, giving vast portions of the community the opportunity to see for themselves, what we are talking about? Other good roads to put structures (in the front yard) along might be Coburg Rd (north of Harlow), River Rd and Willamette, Patterson or Hilyard Sts, Chambers between 18th and 7th, 18th, 11th or 28th Aves as well. Property owner can erect structure in front yard, as long as house is set back a bit. No one has to live in them, we start with physical message. Meanwhile, members of the Mayor’s Task Force begin suggesting we look at using such structures on our “perma-site.”