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Hello and welcome to Occupy Eugene’s crabgrass group. This system helps OE organizes its committee work and create public pages that are linked from the website.

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Title Updated
An Open Letter to Occupy Eugene regarding the State of the Movement dominicmiller May 18
OEN draft - November-December (comments & stars only) Majeska 2012-10-28
OE GRAFIX group page grAHAm4OE 2012-06-14
General Assembly Meeting Dates and Process johnca 2012-05-18
Foreclosure Committee Strategy and Minutes vickie6 2012-04-04
Finance Committee Protocols Jan Wostmann 2012-03-29
Org Training Handouts Reid B. Kimball 2012-03-14
Resources for Organizing Reading List Reid B. Kimball 2012-03-14
Tree's Facilitation Handout jennefer 2012-02-15
Decision Making Process jennefer 2012-02-15
Press Release: Occupy Eugene to City, "Show us the Money" Majeska 2012-02-13
Occupy Eugene ACTA Rally Josh Mcwhorter 2012-02-12
Cascadian Energy Exchange ocron 2012-01-31
Occupy Eugene Crab Grass Network johnlmonroe 2012-01-21
Outreach Committee Information Larry Leverone 2012-01-18
Flyer: Good Grief America Teach-in & Discussion Reid B. Kimball 2012-01-14
OE Yurt Project nforrest 2012-01-10
Community Bill of Rights of Eugene Luke Novak 2012-01-10
Occupy Eugene Agenda Submission Form jennefer 2012-01-08
Monsanto's genetically engineered sweet corn, background for actions earthtrooper 2012-01-06
The Ghost of Corporate Past Luke Novak 2012-01-06
Here We Stand, the 99% Luke Novak 2012-01-03
St. Paul Principles Luke Novak 2011-12-29
Government and Community Services Questionnaire Jamil 2011-12-16
Survey / Census Jamil 2011-12-16
Bucks Service Karen_M 2011-12-15
Building Projects Tree 2011-12-14
Occupy Eugene FAQ Jamil 2011-12-10
Register Guard Op Ed 12/8/2011 Jamil 2011-12-07
2011-12-6 Google Analytics Jamil 2011-12-06