Here We Stand, the 99%


A line in the sand has been drawn. Welcome to the winning side. We can no longer pretend that the powers that be have our best interests in mind. It is clear that the 1 of the population of the planet that seem to hold 99 of the power have lost their minds. It is time to take the wheel from the drunken drivers, and reclaim our power as members of the human family.

We stand here today, occupying Eugene, occupying this whole planet, in solidarity with our family, the human race. The problems that we face here together are many. A faulty economy with greedy sociopaths at the top end is just the beginning. We face globally serious crisis in the environment, with corporations bleeding the Earth dry of resources, and mindlessly destroying priceless environmental systems all in the name of saving a few bucks. We face a health care industry that only seems to keep us sick. We face a debt based money system that has no basis in reality, and can only serve to increase our slavery. We face a corrupted government, justice system, and a military industrial complex who’s business is literally destroying the world.

The changes we have been seeking from our leaders and represented officials IS NOT COMING. We are the leaders we have been waiting for, and though the problems we face are many — the solutions that are now available and known are also many. Through the information age we are no longer kept in the dark about new discoveries in renewable energy, health care, democracy, economics, building materials, and the list goes on. We are not as ignorant and our controllers would like us to be, we know there is a better way.

Through direct democracy we can come to consensus together about the best possible solutions to these many problems. The whole world is now watching to see what we can come up with together. The occupation movement is about people finally taking their power back, not through violence and revolution, which only serves to maintain the cycles of the victim and the victor, but through cooperation and evolution, hereby breaking the cycle and stepping into our responsibility. It is my belief, that freedom through personal responsibility is the magic bullet we have all been hoping for.

It is time to shed the victim stance, claim our earth citizenship, and all the responsibility that entails. There is no looking back, there is no use in blaming others for past and present experiences, we have all played our own part to get to where we are today, and it is equally in our power to get to where we would like to be tomorrow. I stand here with you today, and for as long as it takes. To see to it that the world our children inherit has all the hope and possibilities that we were told it did when we were young.

Waking up to the realities of our situation is no walk in the park, however, together we are stronger than the sum of our parts, together we will find a way out of this web of control and step out into freedom. We have taken a giant leap, and there is no going back. I want to thank you all for being here, and I want you to thank yourself most of all, for overcoming your own denial, and for overcoming the conditioning that has kept us all from seeing the truth, and for overcoming our desire to escape. You have answered the call to awaken, to become aware, and to RESPOND. I wish you all a will of steel and a heart of gold.