The Ghost of Corporate Past

A Street Theatre idea.

One person shows a sign to the crowd. It says “I’ll believe a corporation is a person when Texas executes one.”

In back is a man with a corporate name tag. He is in a chair, looking very nervous, because this is an electric chair, and he is about to be executed. The executioner tells the corporation he is sentenced to death by order of Texas.

He cries and pleads, begging for mercy, proclaiming that all he ever wanted was to make a decent profit to afford his wife’s dog his own personal jet..

In comes the ghost of Corporate past, who takes him on a journey to show him his wrongs.
She can take him by the shoulder, and they can look out above the crowd, at an apparent dreamland she is taking him on.

In this dreamland he experiences the effects first hand of his company, all the wrongs he has caused to others.

Like if it were walmart, he experience the hardship of sweatshops, and working long hours without healthcare, and local business going broke, etc.

Ok just wanted to get this idea out there!