Occupy Eugene Crab Grass Network


Hey Web committee!

I worked with Derek to create a Crab Grass network. OE group is part of it, as are other groups that are developing. I want to get this discussion going about how to organize the current OE group in relation to the network. Here is one possibility of many more:

Each committee creates a group. Each group manages its own privacy and invitations. This permits different committees to more effectively organize around their agendas and missions.

A Coordinating Group is created, which represent the Crab Grass correlate to the Coordinating groups. Each committee, action group, affinity group, etc. nominates a rep to the Coordinating Group. The group is fully open to the public, but can only be edited by the reps from the various groups. These will form the substance of the in-person meetings. Agendas, problems and research will be posted on the Coordinating Group site, thus better preparing the in-person meetings.

A General Assembly Group is created. This will be fully open to the public, developed specifically for CrabGrass travelers from other networks that want to find out about OE. It can also be the official URL posted on flyers and whatnot as part of Crab Grass participation-building out reach.

Please, let’s develop these ideas or present others. Please check out the Occupy Eugene network (‘occeug’) and see how it works. Let me know if I need to modify privacy settings to see everything—I think it’s good right now, but am not sure.

I am not currently letting any person join the network, just groups. I believe that it may be easier to manage invites if it is always done through a group. Groups are easier for an admin to manage. The burden of invites won’t fall on one person. The question becomes whether a benefit is offered to participants when they are members of the network, rather than a group. I believe they would be as empowered through groups, but am unsure currently. Welcome for suggestions on this.

Also looking to develop Crab Crass Network admin principles before making coordinating council we.riseup.net/occeug+mwf open.

Please post all opinions, ideas, etc.