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one aim of this group was to build up a database of open hardware projects. Where shall we go now?
please share your motivation on open source hardware

Questions (7)

  • Do you have a main topic which you need / use hardware for?
  • How much are you involved in open hardware?
  • Which open source hardware projects do you use / possess / develop?
  • Which open hardware media would you like to share?
  • If you are part of any local real life open hardware group, please share it here. If you would like to participate in one, just fill in '!'.
  • Are you happy about the public representation of open hardware. What would you like to change? Share your dreams!
  • If this topic is important for you, what are willing to provide? What do you need help with?

Responses (1)

  • from: kardan

1) Very much so!
2) Arduino, pretty easy to use and affordable.
3) Not really, but willing to learn.
4) No.
5) !
6) I’d really like to be pointed in the direction of where to learn more, that way I can contribute.