Guidelines for who can borrow the TVCA marquee

Please add your suggestions and comments by 1 November.

Verion 4 of these guidelines were agreed at the TVCA meeting on 19 April 2010.

Guidelines for borrowing the TVCA Marquee


TVCA has a marquee that it uses, for example, at Climate Camp. However, most of the time, TVCA does not have a use for the marquee, and it was always intended that other groups could use the marquee.

When can others use the marquee?

When TVCA isn’t using it, and the group that’s borrowing it can guarantee giving it back in time for when TVCA does need it.

Who can use the marquee?

Priority order

  1. Grassroots and/or environmental groups/projects
  2. Other grassroots groups
  3. Other positive social change groups
  4. Individuals

Once a booking is confirmed, it will be honoured even if a higher priority group requests the marquee on the same date.

Minimum donations for hire

Who Daily rate
Grassroots environmental groups/projects £10
Non-grassroots environmental groups/projects £40
Other grassroots groups £15
Other positive social change groups £40
Individuals £50

Discounts for longer bookings. Discount level to be agreed at the TVCA meeting discussing the loan.

Donations do not include erection. Erection to be individually negotiated with those that know how to erect the marquee, or done by the borrower.

Donations to be made before the marquee is loaned.

Donations can be reduced or waived in exceptional circumstances.

Deposit / damages

  • Anyone borrowing the marquee should explicitly agree to make good any damages or losses
  • Borrowers who we don’t already know and trust should provide a £100 deposit. Then we can take the fixing costs out of that if they don’t fix it.

Process for borrowing the marquee

  • Requests by email to the oxford account.
  • Requests to be v.briefly discussed at TVCA meetings. Anybody can block somebody else using the marquee at the meeting or by email 1 week after the minutes have gone out (but they should say why they are blocking it).
  • 1 week after the minutes go out, the loan is confirmed.

Did these ever get discussed at a meeting? If not, they should be added to Potential Agenda Items.


What happened to these guidelines? There seemed to be a bit of energy (consensus) about developing them, and not not much since. Did people think it was a good idea to develop ideas and leave it with those that had the energy to do so, or did they want to play a part in making the guidelines happen? Are the above guidelines now agreed?

I ask this cos I’m wondering if lending out the marquee might be a source of income for TVCA (i.e. fundraising). And if we want to fundraise on the back of the marquee, we might want to let people know that we have a marquee to lend (rather than it being a who knows who affair)? Seems to me that, with the summer fast approaching, we might want to have both guidelines and promotions?


Would be good to get these done. I know somebody who might be interested in borrowing the marquee, and TVCA needs wampum.

I’ve tried to simplify the guidelines, and have also reduced the prices. You can still view the previous version.