Summit Against Racism 2018: Color of Surveillance Workshop

Notes and additional resources for participants in the SAR: Color of Surveillance workshop.

Workshop Description:

Activists from marginalized communities disproportionately face privacy, security, and surveillance threats as they advocate for social good. This workshop will provide context and practical tools for dealing with these threats in Pittsburgh anti-racist activism. We will begin with a panel of activists and privacy/security experts who will address why these topics are important via examples and insights from their own experiences. We will then break out into small-group sessions addressing specific topics such as doxxing and security culture, physical security at protests, community-owned infrastructure, and installation of privacy-protecting software.

Panelists: Matt Stroud is a freelance reporter and criminal justice researcher who has covered the Pittsburgh Police Department’s relationship with Axon Enterprise; Giselle is a full-time technology and privacy activist interested in how the business of technology works and how to create alternative systems which are focused on the commons; Raghav Sharma is a writer and political activist in Pittsburgh with extensive protest and grassroots organizing experience. Members of Pittsburgh’s Restore the 4th and CMU’s Tech for Society will be on hand to facilitate small-group breakout sessions.

Breakout Sessions: