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Structure in HTML pages

  • (almost) every HTML tag has to be opened and closed, e.g. <strong> ... </strong>
  • exception: single tags can be written like this: @ or @<br/>
  • every tag is a container and can have more containers or content inside

Structure between HTML pages

The structure of a whole Website consists of the links between the pages

Link types

  • Local relative link: <a>To the content</a>
  • Local relative link: <a>To a subdir</a>
  • Local absolute link: <a>To this special directory</a>
  • Universal absolute link: <a href="">To the pictures</a>


Tag example: <img alt="Dangerous" />

Example of a simple HTML page

Example file name: “index.html” (http://
  <meta name="Author" content="Alexander Altmann">
  <title>Dangerous - Das Musikvideo</title>
  <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="dangerousstyle.css" media="all" />


<img alt="Dangerous" width="400" height="86" src="schrift_dangerous_p400.png" />
<h3>Das Musikvideo</h3>

<div style="width: 62%">
Willkommen auf den Webseiten zum Musikvideo &quot;Dangerous&quot; von Alexander Altmann und Theresa Hohaus.<br>

| Start | <a href="inhalt.html">Inhalt</a> | <a href="entstehung.html">Entstehung</a> | <a href="video.html">Das Video</a> | <a href="bilder.html">Bilder</a> | <a href="dank.html">Dank</a> |  <a href="kontakt.html">Kontakt</a> |<br>



Create at least two HTML pages linking to each other and linking to the other projects of this course. Embed an image into one of the pages.


SelfHTML-Project: http://


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