Formatting General

Crabgrass uses a lightweight markup language called GreenCloth. There are many such markup languages, all with the same purpose: convert plain text into formatted HTML.

The page GreenCloth shows some formatting options but not all options are always working.
For more details, see the official RedCloth textile reference. Not all RedCloth options work with GreenCloth.

Formatting examples: Formatting Manuals, Formatting Images Multiple Images

div(codetitle). «title»


GUI(Graphical User Interface)



Span elements (can be formatted in many ways)
%{color:#037}«formatted text»%
%{font-family:courier,monospace}«formatted text»%

«formatted text»
«formatted text»


table of contents


table{width:100%; border-top:solid 1px #999; border-bottom:solid 1px #999; margin-top:2em}.
|{width:33%; border-style:none; padding:0.9em; text-align:left}. [«previous» ← -> «link»]|{width:33%; border-style:none; padding:0.9em; text-align:center}. [↑ «upper» ↑ -> «link»]|{width:33%; border-style:none; padding:0.9em; text-align:right}. [→ «next» -> «link»]|
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