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Destroying / Deleting

If you want to delete a a site: move it to “Trash”, but please don’t choose “destroy immediately”.
Destroying committees or groups may lead to many problems. If there are still pages linked to the committee/group, they might become inaccessible. Even when the column ‘Group pages’ of the committee is empty, there might still be pages linked to the committee.

Deleting pages without contacting the contributors may lead to frustration. Please don’t do it.
but there are he versions still saved. right?


Invited people should get the information:
Please consider refeman+regrass before making any changes.

Unique page Name Problem

Be careful with creating 2 documents or comitees or groups with the same name!
Probably a good way to confuse the groupware and delete content … see bug reports
New Bugs is no longer in use

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