Device Security

How to protect your device from intrusion and surveillance.

Well… this page is just a placeholder. It needs a lot of work. Maybe you can help?

Disk Encryption

Difficulty: Easy to Hard
Why: Prevent access of information stored on your computer’s hard disk.

Easiest: LUKS encrypion of partitions at fresh installation.
Easy: formatting new partition with LUKS, move existent data there and scrub the old location of data.
Medium: LUKS encryption on LVM.
Medium: ecryptfs over specific files/directories.
Hard: encryption of whole disk, with key file placed in another device (like a pendrive).
Hardest: Steganographic methods.

Personal Firewall


Difficulty: Easy
Why: Make your computer less vulnerable to outside attack from the network.


We could organize by difficulty the tutorial help pages, and choosing one or two technologies at most. I’ve wrote in the disk encryption section my idea of how to commit to that.

I’d propose focus first on GNU/Linux. Other SO’s are most difficult to shape as secure one., despite its marketing.

What do you think about reusing of contents of Fedora Security Guide they are under CC-BY-SA; and of course we can’t target to Debian users too.


That seems like a great idea.


Please dont make this page public again, until we’ve agreed on the content


I absolutely had no idea that after I edited it, the collective made it private. I thought it was me who accidentally made it private. If the collective does not wish to allow this on the public wiki I understand. I copied the section I created and if “The insecurities of passwords” is not something the collective wishes to have public, I can post it in a group, on my page, or whatever. I completely understand if the riseup collective does not want this information in front for all to see. As riseup is not a hacker collective and may be perceived as such. I apologize, as I am more digitally familiar with collectives such as Anonymous, but in day to day life I understand normal collectives quite a bit. Thanks for the memo, btw.

I can also change the language used, to inform people that hackers may use these methods instead of suggesting that they use these methods

Fyi— Im learning hacking things, in the manner of digital dissent, as well as protecting digital dissenters.
So if there is an area where I can volunteer those efforts, I would gladly do so.


so long as this page is private, it will break the website because there will be a link to a missing page.


I realize, and destroyed my changes :)