Usage Agreement

Usage Agreement for Mailing Lists

Your mailing list is subject to the following agreements and policies:

Additionally, we have these policies which relate specifically to your mailing list:

List Creation Conditions

If you create a list, you agree to the following conditions:

  • Prior consent: Every email address which you add to your list must have given prior consent to be subscribed. Membership in an organization, signing up online or at a meeting, or verbal approval all count as prior consent. If in doubt, don’t subscribe someone! If we receive complaints about your list, it will be placed on probation or disabled. We are very strict about this policy, because any list abuse can result in the entire list server getting blocked.
  • Political focus: We only host lists which are primarily focused on liberatory social change. The list must be used for progressive or radical activism.
  • Admin responsibilities: You, the list owner, are responsible for unsubscribing people, moderating the list, removing bouncing subscribers, closing unused lists, and responding to complaints regarding your list.
  • Donations: This service runs entirely on your mutual aid. Please contribute what you can.
  • Lists we don’t host: Here are some examples of list topics we decline to host:
    • hobbies: model trains, book groups, religious discussion, etc.
    • university credited classes: if possible, please get your university or college to host the list, not us.
    • commerce: no for-profit business related lists of any kind.
    • personal: ‘me on vacation,’ ‘updates about my life,’ etc.
    • capitalists: liberal causes, the Democratic party, etc.
    • vanguard parties: ISO, RCP, SWP, CP, and other doctrinaire marxist/leninist/maoist/trotskyist sectarian parties.
    • cultural: upcoming performances, venues, etc (unless of a political nature).

List Subscription Conditions

If you subscribe to any list, you agree to the following conditions:

  • You will not send tofu: Tofu is activist spam, and it can be almost as annoying as the corporate variety. Not everyone in the world needs to know about your planned rally/campaign/protest/rant. Tofu is defined as a political email sent to a wide number of people or lists which is totally off topic or unsolicited.
  • If someone complains that you are tofuing their lists, we will block you from posting to any list.

List Termination

Your list may be removed for any of the following reasons:

  • It was found to be non-political.
  • The list is spamming people. Spamming is when someone sends out large quantities of unsolicited email. Spam is evil and we have a zero tolerance policy for spam. If people complain that they were unwillingly subscribed to your list, we will remove the list and potentially ban you from the server.
  • The list has had no traffic for the last 12 months.

Reporting List Abuse

If someone is using a list to send spam, please notify us immediately at

We have a zero-tolerance policy toward spam. However, often legitimate lists admins will make mistakes and subscribe people who did not want to be subscribed. We usually let this slide. If a pattern develops of multiple ‘mistakes,’ then we wil remove the list.

Copyright violations

Riseup Networks complies with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act’s notice and take-down procedures. Your use of Riseup Networks’ services is subject to Riseup’s DMCA Policy.


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