tools and resources for allies

Dismantling Racism Works Workbook

ally checklist

Male Privilege Checklist

Qualities of a Prisoner Ally

No pdf online that I can track down. “Empowerment – A chapter from a book put out in the 70s called Critical Resistance to the Prison Industrial Complex about support for prisons among non-incarcerated communities and folks who aren’t directly affected. It includes a detailed section called The qualities of a prisoner ally.” Recommended on the Prisoner Correspondence Project resources page.

white supremacy in the movement against the prison industrial complex – liz appel

guidelines for being strong white allies

class and social change: becoming aware and strengthening our organizations – felice yeskel

how i became white -maureen purtill

this is your nation on white privilege – tim wise

jane elliot’s blue eyes brown eyes exercise workshops and learning materials

checklist for white allies against racism

the invisibility of upper class privilege

what is gender- normative privilege

tools for white guys who are working for social change and other people socialize in a society based on domination- chris crass

open letter to a potential white ally

the white anti racist is an oxymoron: an open letter to "white anti-racists" – kil ja kim

an open letter to white progressives and radicals with reply

a letter to the beautiful people holding hands on the day nothing went down in a big way – from “letters from young activists”

do you recognize your privilege?

people of color, class, diversity, and the white left – victoria law

famous last words: exploring the depths of racist conditioning

new voices Pittsburgh: women of color for reproductive justice ally training materials

a few sections from "our culture, our resistance: people of color speak out on anarchism, race, class, and gender"

indigenous voice- masani alexis de veaux

continuum on becoming an anti-racist multicultural institution

tips on preparing your family history

10 ways to be an ally

10 things everyone should know about race

flipping the script and race: fact or myth? and a little white lie: "i’m not racist, i’m color blind" -Christopher Bowers


hello my race is white

white privilege: unpacking the invisible backpack-peggy mcintosh


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