Reading List

A list of recommended articles, video, books and spoken word for Silent Victories to enjoy on, after or before the ride. This list to be added to by all and distributed to participants before the ride starts.

Articles, Zines, Comics and Magazines

The Rocky Road to a Just Transition. Available from
Victory Against the Odds. Available as a pdf from
The Land issues 10 and 7. Available from
Notes towards Anarchism (?? I may have mis read this ?)
Money From Nothing, James Robertson. Article in YES Magazine and from:
Bicycology Resources particularly Tips for Road Riding and Beautifully Basic Bike Mechanics. Available from
Stuff on consensus decision making and facilitation – particularly the short guide to consensus decision making.

Video Mostly Available on Utube*
The Story of Stuff
Wake Up, Freak Out
The Hamster of Infinite Growth
Something about a Squid Liz?
Robert Newman’s History of Oil.
A farm for the future

This Land Is Our Land, Marian Shoard
The London Hanged, Peter Linebaugh
The Magna Carta Manifesto, Peter Linebaugh
Hope in the Dark, The Never Surrender Guide to Changing the World, Rebecca Solnit
Green Economics, Molly Scott Cato
Funny Weather; Everything you Didn’t Want to know about climate change but probably should find out, Kate Evans.
Iraqi Oil for Beginners, Jon Sack. Available from Voices in the Wilderness, Voices UK, 5 Caledonian Road, London N1 9DX.