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All the info you need to come on the ride is laid out below. If you log into Crab Grass you can edit and view more.
You need to email the following address if your planning to come on the ride, with your name and attendance dates:

Useful documents

more detailed timetable of each day
What to carry on your bike and take on the ride in terms of belongings
Reading list of books we think are connected to the themes of the ride
• A useful list of food shops on the route.

Timetable of the ride (click hyperlinks for more info, maps, images ect)

30th Thursday Bristol Bristol
1st Friday Bristol to Yaton 22.6Km 14Mi Yaton
2nd Saturday Yaton to Hinckley 58Km 36.1Mi Hinckley
3rd Sunday Hinckley to Tinkers Bubble 52.0Km 32.3Mi Graph Tinkers Bubble
4th Monday Tinkers Bubble to Yeovil + back to stay at Tinkers 10.8Km 6.7Mi Graph Tinkers Bubble
5th Tuesday Tinkers to Portland 53.4Km 33.2Mi Graph
6th Wednesday Portland Portland
7th Thursday Portland to Ottery St Mary 84.5Km 52.5Mi Graph Ottery St Mary
8th Friday Ottery St Mary to Tyngrace 44.9Km 27.9Mi Graph Tyngrace
9th Saturday Tyngrace to Totnes 18.9Km 11.7Mi Graph Totnes
10th Sunday Totnes to Land matters 10.4Km 6.4Mi Graph Landmatters
On the right of a map you can view national cycle routes (OSM CycleMap) by pressing the small '+'

Frequently asked questions, SV (silent victories) help page to ask questions of other members of the group.

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