Minutes Sumac Meeting 01/10/07

Present: Klarkin, Andy (Facilitator), Wietse, Carys, Steve, Andrew (Minutes), new faces Ian, Colin, Aiden and Sam.

Apologies: Mike, Clare, Dean, Tim and Patrick.

Action points from last meeting

  • Sumac boiler replacement- Clive the plumber suggested that the boiler is so old and inefficient that a service would probably require the boiler to be condemmed. Andrew provided information on multifuel stoves and boilers. Steve to enquire re grants for boiler replacement
  • Seeds for Change Workshops Su 11/11 Consensus Decision making and Facilitation
  • Skillshare Clare and Lou to action c/f
    XXAlso another itemXX for Clare? c/f
  • Fire extinguishers maintenance bill-El and Steve still to liaise re cost

New business

  • Emails – El will deal with Rise-up emails, Andrew to set up rule on Veggies Pegasus email to bounce Sumac emails to Riseup address
  • Bar Group – we need ideas for events, Carys will find a band for Veggies 23rd anniversary on Th 18th of October. Lighting in yard was discussed; there is money available, and Witse will speak with Chan to resolve.
  • Cafe – we need volunteers for the Sunday breakfast, Peoples’ Kitchen will start again this Sat 6th of Oct.
  • No Borders – Mike and Clare have suggested Th 25/10 for a No Borders film night with the Refugee Forum cooking food for donations
  • El will visit Nottingham Voluntary Action Centre to help promote Sumac Centre as a prospective venue for volunteer enquiries.
  • Garden – discussion on enlarging the garden and continuing the removal of invasive plants
  • Library – Andy to email Patrick re detail. The meeting agreed to remove small laminated tables, free to good homes.
  • Radical Routes – discussion about the mail, is it going missing? Email the Sumac admin list to request for a volunteer to open the mail on a weekly basis. Deadline for Radical Routes Autumn Agenda is this Fr 5/10
  • Residents – Malachi has moved out and a new resident Esty has moved in. Andrew today spoke with Mal who maintain s that he will pay the debt he owes. Discussion about the Sumac flat; Alan Martin’s room is damp,the bathroom and kitchen need some work, the chimney and roof need attention. Klarkin and Ian to review Tim’s building work snag list; Colin expressed an interest in helping.
  • Veggies – Discussion about recycling and landfill bins, and the amount of cardboard produced by Veggies and awaiting removal from the yard.
  • Finance – Steve provided a Monthly Report which was warmly received. The Solicitors will soon complete the paperwork for transferring the mortgage from the Derbyshire B S to the Ecology B S.
  • Outbuildings – Wietse reported on the recent meeting involving student architects and plans for rebuilding. Tim dealing with plans to re-roof before the Winter.
  • Future events – Veggies 23rd anniv. (18/10), weekend skillshare workshops and Radical Routes gathering
    (17 and 18/11) noted
  • Sumac banner/sign (in building) and noticeboard (on street) – ideas were bounced around and the meeting
    agreed to the wording from El.
  • Lighting in yard. Both lamps fixed to building either not working or inefficient. Chan still to fix?