Earthship Disaster Relief for the People of Haiti.

This is a short video of our program for haiti village development. It is called "HELP" Haiti Eco Living Project After we finish up our prototype demo at grass roots compound in late January, we are taking what we learned from that and what we have absorbed from our time spent with the Haitian people and attempting to move forward with the project presented in this video. Michael Reynolds Special thanks to Grassroots United for hosting us while in Haiti.

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AID agencies really need to start propagating permaculture instead of traditional type food aid dependency syndrome and mainstream economic type development projects. I listened to a BBC radio program about the money being wasted on running the organisations by aid agencies…a lot money is being spent on keeping the aid agency workers in luxurious style when out in the field…SUV’s, DVD players plus the required autonomous electricity supply and walled compound plus security. Admittedly the heat on the tropics especially with the humitity factor can be dibilitating if you’re not used to it…my goodness, I certainly felt the heat in the Keralan lowlands (no it wasn’t just the ganja)…if heading out to the tropics get physically fit beforehand if possible. Loads of potential for permaculture there I would say. It would help if the state government picked up on the concept and enabled teams of people to move into an area and kick things off.


Lo importante es crear nuestra propia alternativa y trabajar en comun entre nosotros, es de todos bien sabido lo que hacen estas agencias gubernamentales. Si pretendemos cambiar la filosofia de estas agencias malgastaremos nuestro tiempo en lugar de crear algo nuevo. Una de las soluciones es trabajar con el proposito comun, desarrollarlo y difundirlo como base de la nueva operativa.

The most important is to create our own alternative and to work common between us, is of all known good what these agencies make governmental. If we try to change the philosophy of these agencies we will squander our time instead of to create something new. One of the solutions is to work with the common purpose, to develop it and to spread it as it bases of new the operative one.



Yeah you would have thought so…even in supposedly Marxist Kerala, there was the usual third world combination of free enterprise mania and lots of geezers stool around doing not that much…not any collective anarchy type activities really, nor the mentrality that would go with that. What I was preaching in that reality was alien to them..until I showed them. They want money and stuff.I did what I could, talking about collective projects, both sharing and money making type…theres lots of potential for both. If the state government could be interested in permaculture etc, they might finance a teaching activist ‘yatra’, as they wood call it in hindu india. The Hindu religion I think is another minefield..its documented that the Brahmin caste system senario was invented by the invading European aryan invaders, who placed themselves at the head of the caste system, and the indigeous black skinned natives at the bottom! (i.e., basically racist ritual abuse). So I would say you would need to make a break it down anarchist type version of the hindu senario, like you can make a free range christian version of the masonic organised christian program…then the ‘medicene’ can be on centre,and very powerful, and break down the mainstream on a community wide basis (like the UK Exodus Collectives events did)…this is of course dangerous to the stablished orders manor/reality!!

In the situation of screaming horrific and paniking emergency that you get in a disaster situation, people might be responsive to permaculture if they know about it, people can help them…I would say a group of enthusiastic people in Kerala, say could make lots of things happen..currently people there dont know about permaculture…or real collective anarchy, they can do hammer and sickle grafette, but not green anarchy work and play.

I got this email from Suzi the International Permaculture person at the UK perm association,

Hi Jim,
We are working to get our database of international projects back onto our website. Help with this is much appreciated. India has always been a place I have found difficult to get good information about – so please send me any contacts you have for projects there – who to contact, email address and something about where they are and what they do is a good starting point for me to follow up. Also if you have time to research any other areas in the world, it would add hugely to getting this list back on the website.
We have an international practitioners group who are working on supporting development agencies to understand the value of permaculture in international development, the next meeeting is in London on the 4th of April – if you work in this sector it would be good to have you along.
Take care

I will post up the venue and time for the April 4th when I have them.


Doesn’t look like Suzi wana speak to me no more! I know actually what this is about – some issues in the UK permaculture/new age scene, to do with… a very long story. Suffice it to say my goodness these british **** will pay very dearly for this, in terms of ‘karma’ as they say in India (the accumulated merit or otherwise of ones actions..that leads to a reality that you experience as a result of these actions).

If you wana attend that event you’d better liase directly with Suzi/Uk London Permaculture Association.


IDEP’s Community Based Disaster Management programs:


Permaculture manager wanted for Pakistan relief project. Big time job this one for any experienced people out there, please network this job!:


Permaculture AID workers courses (Austrailia):


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storm/hurricane ‘Isaac’ has now provided us with /another/ wake-up call to implement sustainable living (technologies)
Thank you all involved :)


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