levels of expertise

levels of expertise

  • interested
  • pursuing
  • beginner
  • apprentice
  • intermediate
  • advanced
  • accomplished
  • master
  • grandmaster
  • great grandmaster

setting rules:

level who can set + requirements
<=‘beginner’ oneself
‘apprentice’ someone else >= ‘intermediate’
‘intermediate’ someone else >= ‘advanced’
‘advanced’ someone else >= ‘master’
‘accomplished’ oneself = ‘advanced’ + someone else >= ‘master’
‘master’ one’s apprentice =‘accomplished’ + someone else >= ‘grandmaster’
‘grandmaster’ one’s apprentice >= ‘master’ + other >= ‘grandmaster’
‘great grandmaster’ similar to ‘grandmaster’

I know that without additional logic one can’t graduate to ‘master’ and ‘grandmaster’, extra logic for existing ‘master’(s) required. For example when 2 or 3 people from one level can act as one person from level above.


sounds sane

somethings goin on

i like the levelation


Not sure if i like the whole idea of a level system but this one looks pretty well worked out.
I would say accomplished would require the approval by a master not a grandmaster – grandmasters should be rare and i think we should not depend on them for having accomplishments and masters.


yeah, I pushed a little too far with this grandmaster ‘ok’… I will change it.
I tried to use some terminology that people can get more meaning from than just some flat, sliding scale approach. And I think of it more of a draft which we can further investigate and definitely improve together.