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Welcome to the Travelling School of Life Development Group

We plan to extend crabgrass with tools for selforganized learning and travelling. You can find the milestones and tickets in our trac:

Where development takes place

IRC-Channel #tsolife on (use SSL!!!)

code | brueckenschlaeger
Once you created an account, it needs to be activated. If that doesn’t happen quick enough for you, contact me (niklas) via jabber: or ask in #tsolife.

First steps

  • Development Guide for a guide on what people think could be a good way to start on the development
  • Development Process How do we go about specifying what should be done how by whom? How do we use trac, todos, this group etc.
  • Tsolife Features for a (never completed) list of features that needs to be developed (read development guide first)
  • Tsolife Design for thoughts about design (interface discussions should be in Tsolife Features

More Information

  • please read for more infos
  • If you are not, think about joining subscribe_utoweb(eat)
    • talk is mostly german here, but we could change this

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