Features to bring back in new crabgrass version

The new version of crabgrass was reduced to focus on the core functionality and finally get the migration done. However we still want to bring back some of the features we dropped. Let's decide upon the order.
  • 1
    sidebar with networks/groups/people/…   top pick
  • 2
    Featured pages for groups
  • 3
    Welcome section on dashboard
  • 4
    Wiki editing preview and reduced amount of versions
  • 5
    tag clouds, group tags view
  • 6
    Printable Pages
  • 7
    Activity of peers and contacts
  • 8
    select sort key and sequence for page listings
  • 9
    revert to old wiki version
  • 10
    Inbox for notifications instead of Notices on dashboard
  • 11
    ability to delete old wiki version
  • 12
    show old wiki version without changes
  • 13
    page id of wikis and other pages with changed unique name ...

Thanks, elijah. I really appreciate it.


Elijah braught back the “My Tasks” view. It still needs a few translation tweaks but it seems to cover the main requirement of having a centralized list.
Seryn – it’s been your top pick. If it works for you – please remove it from the list of choices.

I’ll look into stars for comments as soon as I run out of important bugs to fix.


Nice ! Thanks Elijah and Azul.
This task view is lightning faster than the old one. I’ll report some bugs in the adequate place.


Yes! The ‘My Tasks’ page is back! It seems to work great! I am removing it from the ranked vote. Thank you for your attention elijah, azul.

edit: There may be a benefit to labeling, or separating tasks by group/committee


[toc] is back yeehaa!!!

Tasks too yeehoodeehoo!!!

It may be worth having a task amnesty (two years?) or a brute force delete.
I have a few tasks left from groups I no longer belong to and they can’t be cleared.


qwertyuiop, hmm… we should probably clear all task assignments when a user leaves a group.


Also I guess everyone who is assigned a task should be able to unassign it no matter what.




As you can see… stars for comments are back. So I removed the option from the poll.


Wiki diffs should be back and also work for group wikis now. If you run into any issues please let me know.

Ohh.. and they require javascript – so they won’t work if you use NoScript (for example in Torbrowser) unless you allow scripts from we.riseup.net.


So the next feature to work on is the display of all groups one is involved in. This used to be on the sidebar of the dashboard / overview. We removed it on purpose but i don’t remember why – probably to make the screen less cluttered. Since some thought went into the removal and we are now thinking about bringing it back i would like to discuss how best to achieve what we are aiming for taking both discussions into account.
Overview for groups, networks and committees can serve as a place to plan and discuss.


It’s super awesome the wiki diffs are back. Thank you, azul.


Just noticed i also resolved another choice from the vote. Wiki versions now show the diff to the previous version. However currently there is no way to display the old version without the changes.
So i will remove the vote for “browse wiki changes in addition to versions” and replace it with “show old wiki version without changes” and “remove old wiki version” and “revert to old wiki version”. I think all of these are still missing.


I also removed the wish for more design options as that is not something we can bring back as we never had it. (please correct me and make the whish more precise if i’m mistaking).


Wiki diffs are back Great! Thank You :-)

»Wiki editing preview and reduced amount of versions« could increase the usability for collective text work…


wow… chirlu, i’m impressed by your comment and wiki formating skills. I didn’t even know we had a sun and a heart icon.


thanks so much for bringing back wiki diffs (and also stars, and also so many other genius things), you are so amazing! :) :)


chirlu, where can I find those formatting instructions? I did not know that was even a thing!


Formatierungen und mehr…15 Styles & Klassen


clearly, the most important thing is to add emoticons, with haste.


Heh, I like emoji’s too! :)

Also seems useful for me if the @username translated into user profile link, like at github, bitbucket, twitter and so on..

But I believe both those features could lead to performance drain, so should be well benchmarked before applied..


the ranked voting had me listed as sidebar with networks / group / etc as my first choice. thats not correct! But, i wonder since now that the drop downs are in alphabetic order if this desire is lessened.

also shows me as voting on welcome section on dash. i did not.

makes me wonder what sort of voting libraries are out there these days. apparently spanish movements use www.loomio.org / github.com/loomio/loomio


I added printable pages to the vote.


mcnair, please check your vote. Is it at least consistent with your current vote?
Keep in mind that we already finished some of these issues and removed them. That may have made a different choice your top one.


Hello all, I just added “page id …”.
Have a good time :-)


I have added a group list to the dashboard (pending review). The wiki version thing turns out to be a lot more tricky than it looks, but I am working on it.



Is it possible that in the the old version the “Recent Pages” at the personal start page, were differently defined? Now there are only the recent page that I contributed to. I think in the old version version I saw all recent pages I was a member of?!

As an concert example. A Groupmade created a new Groupdiscussion in the old version I saw this right on my startpage now I need to go to the group, to see this new site.

For my workflow it would be best to have an option for selecting wether I want to see the recent page I contributed or the recent pages I have the right to see…


Hey sumsumbienchen,

You are correct. We noticed that this has caused quite a bit of confusion. You will wind a feed that behaves the way you expected when clicking on the pages link from your personal start page. That list includes all pages you have access to.


I noticed today that the ‘upload image’ link under settings>basic settings for group profile image is not working.